7 K-Pop Idols That Have Debuted

7 K-Pop Idols That Have Debuted In 3 Different Generations

One debuted in both the first and fourth gen!

While it’s not uncommon for K-Pop idols to debut multiple times in different groups or as soloists, it’s less common for them to debut during different generations of K-Pop, much less during three different gens! But there are a few idols who can claim this achievement, and the tenacity of some of them is inspirational. Here are 7 K-Pop idols that have debuted in three different generations!

1. Hyeonju (UNIS)


Hyeonju first debuted as a member of Good Day under the stage name Lucky in 2017, during the third generation. She later debuted once again with the stage name Belle in cignature in 2020 (fourth generation), and has most recently debuted as the leader of UNIS in 2024 (fifth generation).

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)


Taeyeon first debuted as a second-generation idol with Girls’ Generation in 2007, and then had her solo debut in 2015 during the third generation. Finally, she debuted once again in GOT the Beat in 2022 as a fourth-generation artist.

3. Taemin (SHINee)


Like Taeyeon, Taemin first debuted as a second-generation K-Pop idol in 2008 as a member of SHINee; he later had his solo debut in 2014 during the third generation. Most recently, he debuted once again in the group SuperM in 2019 as a fourth-generation artist.

4. Jinho (PENTAGON)


Jinho actually made his debut in the K-Pop industry back in 2010 during the second generation with SM Entertainment‘s SM the Ballad. He later debuted with PENTAGON in 2016, during the third generation of K-Pop, and finally debuted once again in crossover vocal group CREZL in mid-2023 around the end of the fourth generation/beginning of the fifth generation.



Hui’s first debut was as a member of PENTAGON in 2016 as a third-generation K-Pop artist (he also debuted in Triple H during this gen as well). He re-debuted in the project trot boy group Super Five in 2020 as a fourth-generation artist, and most recently made his solo debut in 2024 during the fifth gen.

6. Ten (NCT/WayV)


Ten’s first debut in the K-Pop industry was as a member of NCT U in 2016 as a third-generation idol. Later on, he debuted once again in WayV when the group started in 2019 (during the fourth generation), and made his official solo debut as a fifth-generation artist in 2024.

7. Lee Hyori


Hyori first debuted all the way back in 1998 as a member of Fin.K.L during the first generation of K-Pop! She later made her solo debut in 2003 during the second generation of K-Pop, and lastly re-debuted in 2020 as a member of both SSAK3 and Refund Sisters during the fourth generation.

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