5th-Gen Stars Spark Heated Debate After

5th-Gen Stars Spark Heated Debate After Wearing The Same Exact Outfit

“Not the whole damn look…”

Fashion has always been a very important aspect of the K-Pop industry and its’ success. That much was proven true when fans began a heated debate after noticing ZEROBASEONE‘s Gyuvin wearing the same outfit that RIIZE‘s Anton had previously been spotted in.

anton riize
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The impromptu fashion “face-off” has not only charmed fans but also stirred up a heated discussion about originality and branding.

kim gyuvin zb1

The outfit in question — a fusion of edgy and premium elements — comprises a logo-embroidered T-shirt in slub cotton priced at $136 USD, a biker jacket in wrinkled leather costing $935 USD, and textured leather pants with a logo cut-out valued at $715 USD. The three-piece Diesel fit is valued at around $1,786 USD in total.

diesel leather
| Diesel
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| Diesel

Anton first sported the now-popular “bad boy” look at Incheon Airport in February on his way to Tokyo for the SMCU@TOKYO family concert. Known for his usually understated style, the RIIZE star’s transformation into a full-leather ensemble captured massive attention and went viral across different Korean community sites as well as social media platforms.

Fast forward to this week, Gyuvin — a fellow 5th-generation K-Pop icon — was spotted in the identical outfit as ZEROBASEONE headed to Taiwan for the Golden Wave Awards. The recurrence of this outfit set the internet ablaze with speculation and controversy.

RIIZE fans accused Gyuvin of imitating Anton’s style, leveraging the viral fame the outfit garnered earlier. However, fans of ZEROBASEONE defended Gyuvin, pointing out that such decisions are often influenced by the brands sponsoring these idols. In this case, the common denominator is Diesel, known for its marketing and celebrity endorsements.

The debate raises important questions about the nature of fashion in the K-Pop industry. Everyone knows visibility is paramount in the Korean entertainment scene, and clothing often serves as a distinct marker of an idol’s public image. However, when multiple artists sport the same look, it can blur the lines between individual and corporate branding.

As the debate rages on social media, both sets of fans continue to defend their idols fervently.

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