5 Actresses Kim Soo Hyun Has

5 Actresses Kim Soo Hyun Has Had The Most Insane Chemistry With

From Kim Ji Won to Seo Ye Ji, he’s acted with some superstars!

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is now a prominent figure in the K-Drama scene — as he’s starred as a lead in several top series loved by viewers from and outside the country. During his career, Kim has been known not only for his compelling performances but also the extraordinary on-screen chemistry with his co-stars. Here we look at five actresses who have mesmerized audiences alongside him the most.

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1. Kim Ji Won

Currently starring in the tvN drama Queen of Tears, Kim Soo Hyun teams up with Kim Ji Won as a couple navigating the complexities of marriage. Their characters — a chaebol heiress and a humble village chief’s son — grapple with personal and familial conflicts. The series first gained additional interest as it was filmed at the same venue where beloved celebrities Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married, but the chemistry between Soo Hyun and Ji Won is definitely what made viewers stay.

2. Seo Ye Ji

In the 2020 hit It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Kim played a psychiatric ward caregiver opposite Seo Ye Ji, a popular children’s book author with emotional scars. Their characters developed a healing relationship, charming viewers with their emotional depth and unique interactions, marking a standout collaboration in Kim’s career.

3. Jun Ji Hyun

My Love from the Star — the 2013 hit K-Drama not only fueled the Hallyu phenomenon but also showcased the electric connection between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. Portraying an alien stranded on Earth and a famous actress, their characters’ unlikely romance captured hearts worldwide, culminating in a series that enjoyed top ratings and widespread acclaim.

4. Han Ga In

In MBC‘s historical drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, Kim’s portrayal of Crown Prince Lee Hwon, opposite Han Ga In’s noblewoman character, struck a deep chord with viewers. Their poignant love story, set against a backdrop of royal intrigue, achieved phenomenal viewership ratings, and most of it thanks to their compelling screen presence.

5. Suzy

Back in 2011, Dream High featured Kim Soo Hyun opposite the much-loved Suzy in a narrative that followed aspiring artists at a performing arts high school. His character’s unrequited love evolves into a touching relationship that wins the heart of Suzy’s character. Their youthful and hopeful portrayal won them several affectionate couple nicknames from fans, underscoring their palpable chemistry.

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