4 Emotional Moments In Episodes 3-4

4 Emotional Moments In Episodes 3-4 Of “The Escape Of The Seven: Resurrection”

Last week’s episodes were truly emotional, pulling at the heartstrings of viewers. From the revelation of the deep history between Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi) and Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin) to the challenges Mo Ne’s mother faced while trying to keep Han Na safe, each scene was poignant. Here are four of the most emotional moments from “The Escape Of The Seven: Resurrection” episodes 3 and 4.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Han Mo Ne and Hwang Chan Sung’s backstory

How often do we find ourselves loving what a person used to be instead of who they actually are in the current moment? Just like the ship of Theseus, if a person gradually changes, bit by bit, until they become someone entirely new, then is it truly them whom you love, or merely the memory of who they used to be?

One thing that’s clear from the first few episodes of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” is that Chan Sung harbors some level of infatuation with Mo Ne. Even during work meetings with Mathew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon) and Mo Ne, Chan Sung cannot look away from her face. Initially, it seems like typical behavior of someone mesmerized by a glamorous celebrity, but there is more to their connection. Even after Mo Ne confesses her numerous lies to Chan Sung, he chooses to stand by her. That’s not merely the action of a fan.

In episode 4, the viewers are shown the backstory of Mo Ne and Chan Sung, and it is clear that instead of a celebrity, he fell in love with the small town wide-eyed girl who had big dreams and loved her mother more than anything. Including these small details not only adds depth and realism to Chan Sung’s character but also makes it easier for people to support Chan Sung and Mo Ne’s new relationship. These backstory scenes also serve as a reminder that anyone possesses the potential to evolve into a villain.

The backstory of Mo Ne’s mother

Throughout the first season, Mo Ne’s mother Yoon Ji Sook (Kim Hyun) was shown as a character you should pity. She’s a mute and deaf woman whom even her daughter would not introduce as her mother in front of the world. So finally learning more about her character in depth makes her more than just a subject of pity. Plus, learning about Ji Sook’s backstory through the mouth of Mo Ne herself makes the entire scene even more impactful.

Yes, Ji Sook has lived a sad life where her partner never took care of her and took advantage of her disability. But despite her suffering, she never let her experience affect the way she treated her kids. And that is quite mature—to take care of people even when you have been abused, to see the beauty in the world despite living through an ugly past.

Han Na and Jin Mo’s reunion

Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) might not be Na Han Na’s (Shim Ji Yoo’s) father, but he sure proved that he cares about her as one. Seeing him getting worried for Han Na’s safety from the premiere episodes made it clear that he loves her as his own daughter. And that’s why the scene of them finally reuniting is such an emotional moment. But this love is not one-sided as Han Na looks equally relieved to see Jin Mo after weeks.

Han Mo Ne’s mother & brother

Since the premiere week of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” it was clear that Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) was going to avenge her daughter Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael). And that means all of the people who did her wrong are going to pay for their sins, including Mo Ne.

When it was initially implied that Ra Hee was going to harm Han Na, the decision appeared unfair as the little girl had nothing to do with the entire situation. However, fortunately, Ra Hee sent Han Na to safety instead. And Ra Hee did the same with Mo Ne’s mother. She saved her life but pretended like her mother was dead, causing Mo Ne extreme discomfort, which was justified considering Mo Ne was one of the people involved in Da Mi’s death. But the same cannot be said about Han Mo Ne’s brother Han Chung Soo (Yu Gene Woo) and his sad end.

What’s unfair is that Han Chung Soo did start working for Mathew Lee, but he did not do anything as evil as killing someone. Does taking on Da Mi’s revenge make Ra Hee a god and give her the power to choose which person deserves to live and which person deserves to die?

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