3 Ways Kwon Nara Expressed Her

3 Ways Kwon Nara Expressed Her Feelings For Joo Won In “The Midnight Studio”

Romance is about to blossom in “The Midnight Studio”!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.

Lawyer Han Bom, who is as passionate about love as she is about her work, has been garnering support from viewers. Her straightforwardness in expressing her emotions, without any hesitation, has captured the hearts of not only Seo Ki Joo but also the viewers. Here are three unique ways Han Bom has expressed her feelings for Ki Joo so far:



A heartwarming compliment that touched Ki Joo’s heart

Han Bom’s first impression of Ki Joo was that he was either crazy or just weird due to his odd behavior such as fighting in an elevator all by himself, talking to thin air, and gesturing to no one. Since Bom couldn’t see ghosts, she couldn’t understand Ki Joo, who lived in a world where ghosts were visible.

However, when her grandma So Geum Soon (Kim Young Ok), who was the only family she had, suddenly passed away and became a guest at Ki Joo’s studio, she started seeing ghosts after taking her last photo with her grandmother.

With ghosts constantly bothering her and people treating her as if she were crazy for running around in fear and rambling while looking into thin air, Han Bom finally realised what it meant to live in Ki Joo’s world. So when she saw Ki Joo returning home looking visibly exhausted, she comforted him, saying, “You worked really hard today.”

Offering to become his “safe zone”

When Ki Joo learned that Han Bom had the ability to create a “safe zone” where ghosts’ powers didn’t work, Ki Joo asked her to protect him for just 100 days. However, Han Bom refused, saying, “I will continue to live as a healthy and good citizen.”

Han Bom knew how badly Ki Joo needed the safe zone, but she was traumatized by the case of Park Doo Sik (Choi Min Chul) she handled when she was a prosecutor and was afraid to protect someone. She couldn’t bear to see someone get hurt again.

However, once she started seeing ghosts, she came to fully understand the situation of Ki Joo, who could not live a single day in peace. She changed her mind after Ki Joo risked his life several times to protect her and told him that she will be his safe zone.

The “Signature Kiss”

After successfully defending the photo studio’s guest Yoon So Myung (Seo Ji Hoon) and succeeding in not only restoring the deceased’s honor but also in negotiating improvements to the working conditions and an additional wage settlement for the delivery drivers, Han Bom asked Ki Joo to grant her one wish in exchange for her legal fee.

Concerned about Han Bom, Ki Joo rejected her “safe zone” proposal, saying, “You should continue to live as a healthy and good citizen,” and promised to vacate his room soon.

She asked him to fulfill her request, and they made a pinky promise and pressed their palms together to seal the deal. When it came down to the final signature, Han Bom grabbed Ki Joo’s hand, pulled him close, and placed her lips on his.

The next episode of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 9 at 10 p.m. KST.

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