3 Surprising Aspects Of “The Escape

3 Surprising Aspects Of “The Escape Of The Seven: Resurrection” Episodes 5-6

No matter how much the plot changes, one thing about “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” remains the same: the never-ending twists and turns. From learning about the true personality of Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin) to hating Go Myoung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee) even more than before, last week’s episodes left many wondering what’s next. Here are three surprising aspects of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” episodes 5 and 6.

Warning: this article contains media depicting domestic violence.
Spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 below. 

Hwang Chan Sung’s true personality

“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” is a K-drama where the story features a new twist every episode. One week you are admiring a character for being a good human being and the next week they turn out to be a psychopath. And that is exactly what happened with Hwang Chan Sung. In previous episodes, he was exceptionally nice and unconditionally in love with Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi). Chan Sung goes above and beyond to keep Mo Ne safe and that trend continues in this week’s episodes as well. At the beginning of episode 5, Mo Ne creates a fake scene and falsely accuses Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) of slapping her. Upon seeing this, Chan Sung gets angry and takes Mo Ne out of the house. But it turns out that Mo Ne had asked her to act to get out of the house.

For the majority of the episodes, it looks like Chan Sung was doing all of these things out of love. However, we later find that he is actually not as nice as it seems and is definitely not in love with Mo Ne. One of the questions on viewers’ minds is: did Chan Sung ever actually love Mo Ne and lose interest once he found out about her horrible actions that led to Da Mi’s death? Or, did he actually never love her, and it was only a ruse to get closer to her? One can assume that Chan Sung is doing all of this to avenge Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael), but the question is why? Considering the ever-changing plot of the K-drama, it is far-fetched to assume that Chan Sung has a completely different agenda in mind and has nothing to do with the revenge of Da Mi.

Go Myoung Ji’s evil behavior toward No Han Na

Go Myoung Ji is no saint, and everyone knows that from the first season. Considering how she was one of the reasons behind Da Mi’s demise, there was already no hope for her character to get a redemption arc. However, Myoung Ji has hit a new low.

No Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo), No Paeng Hee’s (Han Bo Reum’s) adoptive daughter, has been living with Myoung Ji and Yang Ji Moon (Yoon Jong Hoon) for the past couple of episodes. As Jin Mo was a friend of now-dead Paeng Hee, he thinks of Han Na as his daughter. But for some reason, Myoung Ji does not like that at all.

Myoung Ji’s jealousy was evident from the first time she saw her fake husband Jin Mo taking care of Han Na. She is not only unhealthily attached to Jin Mo, but she also wants him to treat her kids like his own, even knowing that this marriage is temporary. Seeing him maintain his distance from the Go siblings yet showing affection to Han Na has filled her with hatred for the young girl. And this hatred is now seeping into her daughter Erica’s (Jung Seo Yeon’s) heart as well. Erica has not been a fan of Han Na from the very start, but now she is deliberately trying to hurt her, and Myoung Ji is doing nothing to educate her. As an average person is not evil from birth, Erica’s rude behavior is a reflection of her mother’s evilness. It is difficult to grow up with a parent so evil and not to pick up their behavior unconsciously.

Geum Ra Hee’s positive character development

One thing that viewers liked about the premiere of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” was that the plot was finally getting back on track, and it seemed like Da Mi would be avenged. But one thing that the viewers, including me, could not get around was that the person avenging Da Mi was none other than Ra Hee. Yes, the same Ra Hee who abandoned Da Mi multiple times and became one of the main reasons she died.

Now, maybe the standards of “character development” are quite low because everyone in this drama is evil, but credit should be given where it is due. Even though Ra Hee is punishing Da Mi’s killers, she has not forgiven herself either. And this is made clear when she writes her name on the “monsters who deserve to die” list. This list contains all of the people who were involved in Da Mi’s murder. There is definitely no saving for her character, but the self-awareness is admirable.

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