3 Reasons To Keep An Eye

3 Reasons To Keep An Eye On Kim Ha Neul And Yeon Woo Jin’s Relationship In “Nothing Uncovered”

KBS2’s “Nothing Uncovered” continues to pique viewers’ interest with the intriguing character dynamics!

Based on a popular web novel, “Nothing Uncovered” is a romance thriller drama about investigative reporter Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul) and ace detective Kim Tae Heon (Yeon Woo Jin), who team up to solve a series of murders—and who happen to be ex-lovers. Jang Seung Jo plays Seo Jung Won’s husband Seol Woo Jae, a novelist and chaebol heir.


Previously, Tae Heon rescued Jung Won after she was kidnapped by Cha Geum Sae (Go Geon Han). Tae Heon visited Jung Won who was admitted to the hospital, and Tae Heon eventually confessed his feelings for her that he had been holding back.

Ahead of the upcoming episode, “Nothing Uncovered” shared three reasons to keep an eye on Seo Jung Won and Kim Tae Heon’s relationship going forward.

The reason behind Jung Won and Tae Heon’s breakup

Warning: brief mention of suicide below.

As a reporter and detective couple who used to secretly date, Jung Won and Tae Heon were a great match in many aspects. However, their happy relationship was shattered following the death of Tae Heon’s partner Detective Cha (Danny Ahn). After learning that Jung Won was investigating him for corruption, Detective Cha eventually jumped out of an abandoned building. However, before his passing, Detective Cha told Tae Heon that Jung Won tricked Tae Heon to approach him in order to learn more about the corruption, resulting in Tae Heon to believe Detective Cha’s words and break up with Jung Won.

Reunion following a murder case

Eventually, Jung Won married Seol Woo Jae, while Tae Heon continued his work as a detective, and the two each lived their own lives. However, Jung Won reunited with Tae Heon after witnessing the murder cases of Jin Myung Sook (Lee Young Sook) and Cha Eun Sae (Han Ji Eun). Due to their bad breakup, Jung Won responded sharply when Tae Heon suspected her as the culprit, while Tae Heon questioned Jung Won coldly based on evidence.

Resolving the misunderstanding

Although the two were on bad terms, Jung Won and Tae Heon began to cooperate in order ot find the truth behind the murder cases. In the midst, Tae Heon learned that the whole incident with Detective Cha was rooted in a misunderstanding. Jung Won’s feelings also started to waver after Woo Jae had an affair and lied. With Tae Heon coming to the rescue every time Jung Won was in danger, their feelings for each other began to grow, raising questions about the future of their relationship.

The next episode of “Nothing Uncovered” will air on April 15 at 10:10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

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