2nd Gen K-Pop Idol’s Management Under

2nd Gen K-Pop Idol’s Management Under Fire For Making Fun Of His Appearance In Official Post

His appearance was the topic of conversation during a recent TV episode.

INFINITE‘s leader Sunggyu (also known as Kim Sung Kyu) guested on Episode 133 of reality TV show Dolsing Fourmen (also known as Shoes Off Return to Single Four Men).

Four DolSing (returning-single/divorced) men looking for happiness in life invite guests to their homes.

— MyDramaList

‘빗살무늬토기상’ 김성규, 센터에서 밀린 볼매 아이돌 ↘ 0-13 screenshot
INFINITE’s Sunggyu

Sunggyu’s official X (formerly Twitter) account shared a post advertising the new episode of Dolsing Fourmen featuring the idol. Its caption raised eyebrows.

🎥 ‘I think I’ve misspoken…’ Sunggyu Struggles With Dolsing Fourmen Members Roasting Him (Feat. His K-Pop Idol Identity)
Sunggyu And His ‘Comb-Patterned Earthenware’-Visual Loses ‘Center’ Spot

— @KSK_official/X

While the caption seems to criticize the idol, it is referencing the advertised video. In one part, Lee Sang Min asks Sunggyu about how some have described him as “comb-patterned earthenware.” Sunggyu attempted to see the positive of the comparison.

INFINITE's Sunggyu | Woolim Entertainment
| Woolim Entertainment

Lee Sang Min: It says here that your fans say you look like a “comb-patterned earthenware.” What does this mean?

Sunggyu: Oh, I think they meant that I’m shaped like a comb-patterned earthenware because of how slim my jawline is.

You can look at “comb-patterned earthenware” below and judge for yourself. What comes to your mind when looking at Sunggyu?



Yet, not just the “comb-patterned earthenware” comment can be interpreted as degrading. Throughout the video, Sunggyu’s appearance is discussed. While some hosts attempted to be complimentary, some even teased that Sunggyu, despite being a legendary 2nd Gen K-Pop idol, should quit being an idol due to his lack of “idol-like visuals.”

Lee Sang Min: So you agree that you don’t exactly have the most idol-like visuals?

Sunggyu: Yes, I agree. To be honest—

Tak Jae Hoon: So then, why do you keep pretending to be an idol?

Sunggyu: Well… It’s my career.

Sunggyu: There are tons of good-looking idols. I know that I’m not the first face that pops into people’s minds when they think of K-Pop idols. Like, Cha Eunwoo, for example.

Lee Sang Min: No, you’ve got a small face and…

Lim Won Hee: You’re charming in your own way. The more we see you, the more we like.

Sunggyu: Well, I think it has to do with how times have changed. Now, K-Pop idols can look like me… You know? Have small eyes with monolids like mine, too…

Tak Jae Hoon: I think if you have to explain yourself like this every time, it might be time for you to quit being an idol. No?

It’s safe to say fans weren’t happy as it felt like the episode was just about Sunggyu having to sit through being made fun of for his appearance, of all things, rather than promoting anything. Fans called out Sunggyu’s agency, DHtne, for not only having him guest on the show for no reason but also using his own official social media account to spread the offensive degrading of his physical appearance.

Get a grip on yourself, DHtne. Sunggyu doesn’t need to guest on shows like this, not after all he has accomplished. Don’t you think so? Throughout the one-hour episode, Sunggyu didn’t get to promote anything. Instead, he and his fans had to endure the show hosts making fun of him for what he looks like. Who finds that entertaining these days? Who asked for this?

— 𝙨𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙠𝙮𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣✨ (@sungkyuseason)

Shouldn’t the management be at the forefront of protecting their artists’ physical and mental health and well-being? And prevent any malicious comments and situations that could lead to such? Can you at least try not to be toxic…?

— 🪐🐹🐶🛸 (@SpringAngel0609)

Fans are pissed AF, but I think whoever runs this account posted this and went to bed, LMAO. DELETE THIS.

— 규잉 (@fncldk29451)

This show is so dumb with the most irrelevant hosts. I hated the idea of Sunggyu being on it. But what I hate even more is the fact that Sunggyu’s management decided to use the official account to post a link to a video that’s all about making fun of what Sunggyu looks like. Like, this is f*cking hopeless. It’s not like Sunggyu had ongoing things to promote on that show, so why was he even on it?! LMAO. Literally stop and focus on posting more about his musical theater endeavors.

— K (@skyu428_)

What do you think about Sunggyu’s recent TV appearance?

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