Yang SeungHo, making his solo debut

Yang SeungHo, making his solo debut with ‘Lost things’, charges up emotions
Yang SeungHo, making his solo debut with ‘Lost things’, charges up emotions

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On the evening of the 12th, KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ captivated K-pop fans with a variety of popular music genres and the latest music news. The broadcast featured performances by popular groups including TXT, ONF, AMPERS&ONE, as well as woo!ah!, EPEX, DRIPPIN, showcasing their dazzling stages. Notably, the passionate performances of the artists making their comeback were highlighted.

One of the significant moments was when Yang SeungHo, the former leader and lead vocalist of MBLAQ, made his first appearance on ‘Music Bank’ as a solo artist under the name Leni.M. He left a deep impression on the audience with his emotionally charged stage, performing his debut single ‘Lost things’.

‘Lost things’ by Leni.M is a song that encourages listeners to break away from the insensitivity of modern society, to discover the value of themselves and the people around them, and to embark on a journey to find their true selves. The song explores Yang SeungHo’s inner self and is a reflective piece about the journey to discover a new self, composed of emotional lyrics and melodies that resonate with the fans.

Moreover, ‘Lost things’ has been reinterpreted through various video contents such as music videos, short dramas, reels dramas, and TikTok, garnering significant response not only musically but also visually. This was achieved through the collaboration between composer Park JeongHo and director Kim SeHoon, creating a perfect harmony of music and storytelling.

Yang SeungHo’s solo debut serves as an opportunity to confirm his musical capabilities and potential, raising expectations for his future activities. ‘Music Bank’ airs every Friday at 5:10 PM on KBS 2TV and is broadcasted in 114 countries worldwide, spreading the global charm of K-pop. Watching the new beginnings of artists like Yang SeungHo offers another joy to the fans.

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