TWICE’s Nayeon Left Confused At “WATERBOMB

TWICE’s Nayeon Left Confused At “WATERBOMB 2024” Because Of Unlikely Situation
TWICE’s Nayeon Left Confused At “WATERBOMB 2024” Because Of Unlikely Situation

Her reaction was priceless!

At her highly anticipated WATERBOMB 2024 performance, TWICE‘s Nayeon faced an unexpected yet funny mishap on stage.

Despite being a veteran performer, the “POP!” singer found herself in a surprising situation that quickly turned into a source of amusement for both her and her fans after an initial moment of confusion.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @signalksn/X 

In the middle of her performance, the “ABCD” singer took control of the giant water gun used by the artists to drench the crowd. It adds to the fun atmosphere, but unfortunately for Nayeon, she didn’t know how to shut it down!


Ultimately, she had to call for help from the stage crew, adding an unplanned but cute touch to the performance.

Fans found the moment both funny and adorable. They took to social media to share a comparison of the incident to an animation.

Despite the hiccup, Nayeon handled the situation with professionalism, laughing off the incident and continuing her set seamlessly. Her performance concluded with resounding success, as she entertained with her solo comeback song “ABCD,” “Magic” with Kiss of Life‘s Julie, and TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free,” among others.




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