TWICE’s Nayeon Gifts KISS OF LIFE’s

TWICE’s Nayeon Gifts KISS OF LIFE’s Julie A Luxury Present After “WATERBOMB 2024” Collab
TWICE’s Nayeon Gifts KISS OF LIFE’s Julie A Luxury Present After “WATERBOMB 2024” Collab

TWICE‘s Nayeon is the ultimate senior every junior dreams of having!

TWICE’s Nayeon

At the WATERBOMB 2024 music festival, K-Pop artists, including Nayeon and KISS OF LIFE, wowed the crowd with performances of their hit songs. Nayeon performed “Magic” from her latest album featuring Julie from KISS OF LIFE, who joined her on stage for a surprise collaboration.

KISS OF LIFE’s Julie (left) and TWICE’s Nayeon (right) | @KISSOFLIFE_S2/X

The two beauties exuded joy and confidence, effortlessly owning the stage with their charisma.

Their bright smiles and tight hug made it evident that they were having the time of their lives and savoring every moment.

After the event, Julie penned a heartfelt message on the group’s social media page. She shared how happy and honored she felt to be collaborating with Nayeon, a senior she deeply respects.


She added that she had a blast performing at the festival and hopes that fans will look forward to more KISS OF LIFE performances in the future.

Had so much fun performing with Nayeon-sunbaenim… It was an honor to be on the same stage with someone I look up to 🤍 Had such happy and enjoyable time yesterday and today… It was an honor and joy to perform at WATERBOMB with such amazing seniors ❤🔥 Please look forward to KIOF’s stages in the future hehe.

— KISS OF LIFE’s Julie


Finally, she gushed over the gift the “ABCD” singer gave her after their collab—a black bag from luxury brand Prada. Adding a crying emoji, she wrote, “And the gift sunbae gave me…ㅠㅜㅜㅠ


Fans who saw the present were impressed by Nayeon’s generosity and wealth, saying “She’s so rich.” They also joked that fellow TWICE member Sana, an official Prada ambassador, may have given the bag to Nayeon, who in turn gifted it to Julie.

TWICE’s Sana

Jokes aside, Nayeon’s actions showcase how thoughtful and caring she is towards younger K-Pop idols. It’s another thing to love about her!

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