One Detail In Nayeon’s “WATERBOMB 2024”

One Detail In Nayeon’s “WATERBOMB 2024” Performance Says A Lot About Her Feelings Towards TWICE
One Detail In Nayeon’s “WATERBOMB 2024” Performance Says A Lot About Her Feelings Towards TWICE

She didn’t even have to do that 🥺

After much anticipation, TWICE‘s Nayeon finally performed at the famous WATERBOMB 2024 music festival. During her set, she charmed fans with her top-notch vocals, infectious energy, and unbeatable stage presence. A small mishap only added to the fun of her performance, and her customized outfit impressed many people.

TWICE’s Nayeon

But beyond the excitement of the event was a small detail that touched ONCEs hearts. They took to social media to share something they had noticed in her setlist—she had made sure to include a TWICE song in it despite having the option of promoting another one of her solo tracks.


The veteran idol performed “POP!,” “LOVE COUNTDOWN,” “MAGIC,” and “ABCD.” She surprised many by including “Alcohol-Free,” a beloved TWICE track released in 2021.

Fans were quick to praise Nayeon for including “Alcohol-Free” in her setlist, seeing it as a clear expression of her loyalty to TWICE. One fan remarked, “The fact that Nayeon includes ‘Alcohol-Free’ on the setlist speaks volumes about how she proudly represents TWICE even in her solo schedules.”

Other fans expressed their joy, saying, “My favorite thing is when soloists perform their group songs! It makes me so happy to see that connection” and “Before anything, they always remind us that they’re a member of TWICE.

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Nayeon’s performance at WATERBOMB 2024 not only highlighted her versatility and talent but also reaffirmed her strong bond with the group. Even though she has a flourishing career as a solo artist, she will always be a proud member of TWICE.

Nayeon with fellow TWICE members Mina and Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Meanwhile, learn more about her mishap on stage in the article below.

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