NCT’s Doyoung Gives An Honest Idol

NCT’s Doyoung Gives An Honest Idol Perspective About “Lovely Runner”
NCT’s Doyoung Gives An Honest Idol Perspective About “Lovely Runner”

He is so invested in the drama.

On July 7, NCT 127 celebrated its 8th debut anniversary and held a live broadcast with fans.

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During the broadcast, they looked back on the past eight years and spent time reminiscing special memories together.

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Each member also took turns talking about their personal bucket list as well as their bucket list of what they want to do with fans.

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They all agreed that as a group they would like to go on a trip together!

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For their bucket list with fans, they just hoped to continue do music and meet with fans whether it be at concerts, dinner shows, or just meet ups!

At the end of the broadcast, the members took turns saying their final words. Doyoung in particular, seemed to have his ending message prepared as he began by explaining the plot of the popular K-Drama, Lovely Runner.

“Honestly, there was something I’ve been wanting to say since yesterday. I was really touched by something yesterday. I was watching the popular drama, ‘Lovely Runner’ and saw the scene where the female lead Sol is trying to stop Sunjae from becoming a singer.

During that scene, Sol tells him to live for himself. I get goosebumps even now thinking about it. Anyway, she gets mad while saying this. But I feel like it’s something our fans would have wanted to say to us, too. I teared up while watching it yesterday. I felt it more deeply as today is our eighth anniversary. I was even more thankful that our fans would look at us with that kind of heart. Ok pretend like you didn’t hear this so that I can tell this story again elsewhere.”

— Doyoung

Below is the actual scene from the drama that he is talking about.

Fans who saw this were touched by his words and were happy to see an idol’s perspective on the drama.

It’s so great to see an popular active idol receive comfort from the drama and feel fans’ hearts through it. Most fans have the same feelings and thoughts as the character Sol. Just need to avoid sasaengs and anti-fans. I hope for stars and fans to have a healthy and happy relationship!

Just before the day ended, Doyoung came on Bubble and left one last heartfelt message to fans.

| Bubble

I want to say one last thing before today ends! If I were to live for myself, it would be to continue to work hard singing. I am already living for myself and working hard by singing. Thankfully, you listened to the songs made for me, and I began to sing songs for us. So, I am not living a life sacrificing myself, but I am living a blessed life. Thank you once again. Me.

— Doyoung

What a sweetheart! You can watch the full live below!



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