Lee SoRa, a model turned broadcaster,

Lee SoRa, a model turned broadcaster, shared an amusing misunderstanding and its clarification with singer Lee HyoRi
Lee SoRa, a model turned broadcaster, shared an amusing misunderstanding and its clarification with singer Lee HyoRi

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On the 17th, Lee SoRa revealed this behind-the-scenes story during a live broadcast on her YouTube channel ‘Supermarket Sora’, engaging with her fans.

During the live broadcast, upon receiving a question from a subscriber, Lee SoRa delved into an episode with Lee HyoRi, explaining that the slight awkwardness between them was highlighted during the editing process, but in reality, they enjoy playing jokes on each other. Lee SoRa emphasized their close relationship by stating, “Even when we meet personally, we play jokes on each other, but we did it more extensively on the broadcast.”

Furthermore, Lee SoRa explained why she personally recruits guests, stating, “By inviting friends, I can show their true selves, which can’t be seen anywhere else,” adding that this is the charm of celebrities’ broadcasts. However, she also expressed regret, feeling sorry for Lee HyoRi, as the intention behind the joke seemed to have embarrassed Lee HyoRi during her participation in the program.

In response, Lee HyoRi previously shared her candid opinion about being directly contacted by the host for recruitment during her appearance on ‘Supermarket Sora’. Lee HyoRi mentioned, “I dislike it when the host directly contacts me for recruitment because it’s hard to refuse,” indicating that such an approach could lead to difficulties. Although this statement received some criticism among viewers, Lee SoRa’s explanation seems to have resolved the misunderstanding between them.

The jokes and misunderstandings between Lee SoRa and Lee HyoRi, along with their clarifications, remain as precious moments that showcase their closeness and passion for broadcasting. Many look forward to seeing their genuine interactions and engaging stories in the future.

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