Korean Textbook With “Essential” English Words

Korean Textbook With “Essential” English Words Includes Racist Slur, Sparks Outrage
Korean Textbook With “Essential” English Words Includes Racist Slur, Sparks Outrage

Netizens are upset.

A Korean learning book is gaining attention in the international community for the wrong reasons.

TikTok account @hayleahs posted a video on July 4 of a Korean textbook that she was reading.


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She showed herself “peacefully studying from [her] ‘essential’ Korean book” which included translations for the likes of the words “be a good son,” “efficient,” and “faithful son.”

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She was surprised when she turned to the next page, however, and saw the word “n*gger” which is often used as a slur towards black people.

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With a deadpan look towards the camera, she closed the book and reminded audiences that it was a real textbook that this word was printed on.


TikToker and expat in Korea @hayleahs asked, “Why is this [word] essential?” in the caption, a sentiment that was echoed by hundreds of netizens around the globe. They couldn’t believe that a published book included the slur in an official work, especially one for “essential vocabulary.”

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They wondered why a book aimed towards foreigners would be racist to their target audience.

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Others pointed out that while the Korean word itself is simply a term used to refer to black people, the translation veered into racist territory.

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The textbook was none other than Korean Essential Vocabulary 6000 for Foreigners by author Lee Jae Wook, published under the company Language Plus.

This is a wonderful little pocketbook featuring 6,000 most essential and frequently used Korean words. Anyone who plans to study in Korea or work for a Korean company must know these words!



Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/korean-textbook-essential-english-words-goes-viral-including-racist-slur-sparks-outrage/

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