Kim Byung Chul, Yoon Se Ah,

Kim Byung Chul, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, And More Become Swept Up In A Mysterious Incident In “Perfect Family”
Kim Byung Chul, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, And More Become Swept Up In A Mysterious Incident In “Perfect Family”

Get ready for KBS2’s new drama “Perfect Family”!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Perfect Family” is a mystery drama where a seemingly happy and perfect family begins to suspect each other when their daughter becomes entangled in a murder.

Kim Byung Chul will play Choi Sun Hee’s (Park Ju Hyun’s) adoptive father and lawyer Choi Jin Hyuk. He is a devoted father to his daughter, even changing careers and quitting his job as a prosecutor to become a lawyer. Yoon Se Ah will star as Ha Eun Joo, a full-time housewife and Sun Hee’s adoptive mother who will do anything to protect her daughter. The collaboration between Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah marks their reunion following their memorable portrayal as a married couple in the hit drama “SKY Castle.”

Park Ju Hyun will take on the role of Jin Hyuk and Eun Joo’s beloved and only daughter Choi Sun Hee. Although she appears to be perfect on the outside, never missing the chance to be first place, she’s a character who doesn’t easily open up to others. Viewers are anticipating Park Ju Hyun’s delicate portrayal of her character as she becomes swept up in a murder incident.

Kim Young Dae transforms into the popular Park Kyung Ho, who lacks nothing with his good looks and amiable personality as the only son of a rich family. He falls in love with Sun Hee at first sight and confesses to her numerous times, but he gets rejected every time. After rescuing Sun Hee from danger, Kyung Ho experiences unfortunate luck.

Yoon Sang Hyun will play Choi Hyun Min, who earns people’s trust with his gentle face and voice. Choi Hyun Min will add tension to the story as he becomes intertwined with Sun Hee’s family while digging into their weakness.

Choi Ye Bin plays the tough high school student Lee Soo Yeon who can’t stand being ignored. She intentionally approaches Soo Yeon, who left her with a lifelong wound when they were young.

Lee Si Woo takes on the role of Ji Hyun Woo, who can’t escape second place whether in terms of popularity or studies. Thoughtful of others, Ji Hyun Woo has a one-sided crush on Sun Hee.

Furthermore, Kim Do Hyun plays Shin Dong Ho, a detective of the violent crimes unit. With a stubborn personality, exceptional skills, and great intuition, he follows up on cases until the end. Kim Myung Soo will be making a special appearance as Dong Ho’s junior and partner detective Lee Sung Woo.

“Perfect Family” will premiere in August. Stay tuned for updates!

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