K-Pop’s Next Sensation: “MA1” Takes the

K-Pop’s Next Sensation: “MA1” Takes the Stage
K-Pop’s Next Sensation: “MA1” Takes the Stage

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The buzz is palpable as KBS gears up to launch its global idol debut project, “MAKE MATE 1” (abbreviated as “MA1”), set to premiere on May 15 at 10:10 PM. In the lead-up to this eagerly anticipated first broadcast, KBS has been engaging with “Global Fanmates” through a variety of content showcasing the diverse and intriguing personalities of the participants, dubbed ‘daily boys.’

“MA1” has already captured the imagination of fans worldwide with a group photo that sparked excitement and anticipation. Further raising interest, individual profiles have been released, allowing fans to get a closer look at each participant’s unique characteristics. Photos of the participants in uniform and candid daily shots have sparked curiosity about the limitless charm these young talents possess.

The show has gone the extra mile to connect with its audience, revealing participants’ names, ages, MBTIs, and even emojis that represent them, providing fans with special TMI (too much information) and acting as a compass to help them find their “ultimate favorite.” Invitation videos asking, “Will you be my mate?” teasers and full cam videos of the program’s main song “To Become One Page,” and close-up individual shots have been sequentially released, offering fresh appeals to the audience.

The inclusion of the participants’ practice sessions in various videos has added to the excitement, showcasing the hard work and sweat poured into preparing to meet their fans. These glimpses into their journey offer a heartwarming look at their passion and excitement towards achieving their dreams.

“MA1” is currently running a “preliminary favorite” voting via the Makestar application, where fans can participate once a day until May 26, voting for up to seven participants. Voting rights are refreshed daily at midnight KST, and duplicate voting is not allowed. These preliminary votes will not be reflected in the main broadcast but will be revealed through separate content.

In addition to the voting, fans can look forward to gifts prepared especially for them, including a “MA1 PHOTOCARD ver.1” giveaway event initially unveiled during the first stage, as well as opportunities to attend mini fan meetings and live show tapings.

“MA1” represents KBS’s first global idol debut project in approximately six years, encapsulating the idea of making (MAKE) dreams come true on stage with friends (MATE) as one (ONE). The project is in full swing, preparing to meet viewers step by step.

The inaugural tale of the global idol debut project “MA1” will unfold on May 15 at 10:10 PM on KBS2, marking a new chapter in K-Pop history.

This heralds not just the dawn of new idols on the scene but promises a unique blend of talent, dreams, and the unyielding spirit of youth. As “MA1” prepares to make its grand entrance, the anticipation among fans and industry watchers alike is reaching fever pitch. Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable journey into the heart of K-Pop’s next sensation.

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