BTS’s Jin Spotted Collecting More Fanboys

BTS’s Jin Spotted Collecting More Fanboys At His High School
BTS’s Jin Spotted Collecting More Fanboys At His High School

Kim Seokin in a uniform, you heard right!

On July 8, BTS’s Jin was spotted at his Alma Mater, Posung High School to film YouTube content.

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A notice regarding his filming was also posted online.

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July 8 (Monday) BTS Jin’s YouTube Filming Notice

  1. Jin is set to arrive at 11 AM.
  2. His general schedule- Fourth period: arrive at school and take a look around the school/ fifth period: enter classroom 1-6/Lunchtime at the cafeteria/sixth and seventh period: have a special P.E. session with the students from 1-6.
  3. After the fourth period, they will hold a broadcast announcing safety training and filming cooperation.
  4. To prevent accidents, the stairway between the freshman and sophomore/junior teacher building will be closed from the beginning of the third period to the end of the fifth period.
  5. To prevent accidents, six bodyguards from HYBE will be arranged.

In the video clips, Jin receives a warm welcome from his juniors as they cheer him on!

In the video, you can hear the students saying, “Hyung I love you!”

In another video, you can hear him respond to the male students, “Don’t love me,” garnering much attention online.

As more students began to gather and scream, Jin put his finger to his lips, asking them to quiet down.

In pretty much every video posted, you could hear the student’s shock at seeing Jin in-person!

In this clip, fans could hear Jin talking about arm wrestling four times, making fans curious about the content he is filming.

Guess we will have to wait and see what the YouTube content is about!



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