BTS’s Jin Becomes First World Ambassador

BTS’s Jin Becomes First World Ambassador For Paris Jewelry Brand
BTS’s Jin Becomes First World Ambassador For Paris Jewelry Brand

Our worldwide handsome is back!

Since BTS Jin‘s discharge, he has been booked and busy.

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Whether meeting with ARMYs, posting selfies, or filming variety shows and content, Jin has kept ARMYs fed while the other members are in the military.

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Most recently, he has been appointed the first global ambassador for Fred Jewelry. Fred is a Paris jewelry brand that started in 1936.

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wwd posted about the news on Instagram, revealing why the brand chose Jin as their ambassador.

His radiant energy, artistic qualities, values and high standards constantly push him to excel, strongly resonating with those of our maison and our founder Fred Samuel, with whom he shares an unwavering optimism and joie de vivre.

— Fred’s vice president and artistic director Valérie Samuel

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Jin also shared his thoughts on becoming a part of the Fred family!

I am deeply honored and grateful to be part of the Fred family. Please look forward to the future endeavors we will bring through the partnership.

— Jin

| wwd/Instagram

Fans couldn’t believe how busy he has been since returning from the military.

Fans were supportive of his new role as ambassador and were loving his short hair.

On the other hand, he was also spotted today filming YouTube content at his alma mater.

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