BLACKPINK’s Jennie Continues To Prove That

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Continues To Prove That She’s A “Loser Trapped In A Hot Girl’s Body”
BLACKPINK’s Jennie Continues To Prove That She’s A “Loser Trapped In A Hot Girl’s Body”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie posted about her recent visit to Capri, Italy, in a new vlog on her YouTube channel.

A Moment in Capri with Jennie 1-26 screenshot (1)

She visited the gorgeous Italian city for her Jacquemus runway debut. As the video showcased, she also explored the town, hopped on a boat, and went swimming in the clear water.

Though BLINKs were amazed at her stunning body, they were also amused at the other parts of the vlog that showed her in a more laidback light.

captures_chrome-capture-2024-6-8 (14)

They explained that she did not have “a single cell in her brain” working seriously, especially during the part where she floated on the water.

Because of this, they endearingly called her a “loser trapped in a hot girl’s body.”

She also brings the same vibe in her recently opened TikTok account. Her latest upload showcased her lip-syncing along to her song with BEATS in a comedic manner.

captures_chrome-capture-2024-6-8 (17)

BLINKs found the “chaotic” video amusing, appreciating how she is showcasing more of her personality recently.

They couldn’t help but comment that she’s “so random” and that they “love her for that.”


In fact, the entire group is known for their dorky personalities that contrast their hot visuals.

One thing is certain: BLINKs love how spontaneous Jennie is as of late!

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