ATEEZ’s San Directly Speaks Up About

ATEEZ’s San Directly Speaks Up About Controversial Dolce & Gabbana Outfit And Racism Rumors
ATEEZ’s San Directly Speaks Up About Controversial Dolce & Gabbana Outfit And Racism Rumors

He shut down all the rumors.

On July 2, ATEEZ’s San showed up at the Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda event and gained much attention for his unique outfit.

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This hard-to-pull-off outfit from the Dolce & Gabanna Puglia 2023: Alta Sortioria collection, revealed a unique design.

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He was also seen posing with other popular celebrities and guests who were intrigued by his outfit!

ATEEZ’s San Gives Main Character Energy At The “DG Alta Moda” Fashion Event

Although he had front-row seats to the show, fans noticed he was sitting squeezed between two people without a cushion to sit on like everyone else. Although he seemed happy to be attending the event, fans were frustrated with the situation.


As the controversy became subjected to the topic of racial discrimination, San directly spoke up about the situation through a live broadcast.

“For the cushion, I decided to sit like that. I am sad that this is causing a misunderstanding.

I chose this one out of ten outfits because I liked it the most. Considering the show’s identity, I wanted to challenge myself with this outfit, and I was thankful they gave me a main outfit from last year’s show.”

— San

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He also shut down the racial discrimination remarks being spread online.

I had dinner with Grandpa Dolce and talked about various things. He told me many good things and told me that ‘the Italians love you.’

— San

He concluded by saying that he hoped no one would misunderstand anymore.

No more misunderstanding! I had a great time!

— San

We’re happy he enjoyed the show!

ATEEZ Fans Upset Over San’s Apparent Mistreatment At “DG Alta Moda” Fashion Event

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