Actress Joo Sun Oak Has Passed

Actress Joo Sun Oak Has Passed Away At Age 38
Actress Joo Sun Oak Has Passed Away At Age 38

Rest in peace.

Theatre actress Joo Sun Oak has passed away.

Joo Sun Oak | My Daily

On April 18, it was reported that the actress had suddenly fainted while practicing for her role. Although she was taken to the hospital, the actress was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage that she could not recover from.

The actress’s family has since revealed that Joo Sun Oak had donated her organs.

Although I am in shock due to my healthy daughter being pronounced brain dead after five days, we agreed to donate her organs as she was someone who was generous and to respect her wishes to do so.

— Joo Sun Oak’s family

The report states that the actress’s heart and lungs were immediately given to a male patient and that her liver and kidneys were donated to a woman awaiting a transplant.

Meanwhile, Joo Sun Oak was born in 1986 and was a theatre actress who starred in projects such as Hakana and The Wolf Grows From The Eyes.


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